Minecraft Mars Mission (animated series)

Hello again. This is a new thread for my minecraft mars mission videos. Click the like button if you enjoy!

Completed Episodes. 1-9

The last two scenarios confused me. If there was any damage on that ship, I’m pretty sure that it was pressurized at some point before take off. So why in the world the ship didn’t start breaking apart from the structural damage? Space is a vacuum. All of them should have been dead at this point.

Yes you did make a very good point. But firstly this is minecraft it’s not completely “real to life”, secondly the ship has converters that over a time period convert it’s surroundings to oxygen (this is a “far future” video) Plus I don’t like the idea of ending my video when the ship is destroyed and thats the end. Thanks a ton for the feedback though, it means a lot.


Minecraft Mars Mission, Episode 4. Check first post.

Episode 5 in first post.

That’s interesting. Do you have a team or do all the animation by yourself?

I do all the animation myself but I have a team of voice actors.

Episode 6 in first post. THANKS for watching all!

Episode 7 is complete! (first post)

Episode 8 is complete! Feedback? Thanks!

Episode 9 in first post! What do you think?

nice work dude, I had some laugh, make episodes at least twice as long!

Thanks, the next episode will be the last.

Damn, I see your posts, and it takes long time for you to make them, is it long rendering time or setting things up?

No the videos usually take 1-2 weeks to make from scratch. The reason I don’t post them often is becasue I also have 3 other animated series and I alternate posting videos from all my 4 series.

My four series are:

1-Adventures of a villager boy “Season3”
2-The Apocalypse.
3-Minecraft Mars Mission.
4-Cube Valley.