Minecraft Movie

Hey, this is my first blender movie, it took me way longer than expected, I planned it to take 1 month but it took about 18 months instead. This was a huge learning experience. I choose to animate minecraft originally because I thought it would be easier, and I also enjoy the game. Please keep in mind that this is not a professional production, I’m still in highschool and learning. I understand that the plot might be difficult to follow if you don’t play minecraft, I added CC captions as narration. Any friendly critique would be appreciated. Hope you like it! :yes:

Very cinematic, very creative! But some tips:
Turn Mip-Maps off in the User Preferences.
Use all caps for the Dead/Alive machine. Also maybe a font like Bebas.
The Title. Have a black screen, and have the same text for the whole title. Maybe give it a name, like “There Be Zombiez”, or something like that.
The Wineglass. The glass material is too transparent. Work on that.
The Eggs. They don’t look like something in minecraft. try to create something blocky.
The Animation. VERY SLIGHT improvements.
The blood. Too jittery. Good material though.
Camera. Never let it just altogether halt. Slight camera movements give it more depth.
More samples, small lighting improvements, work on egg cell fracture.

That’s all from me.

Wow Thanks, thats some great advice. I’ll be sure to fix it

Thanks again