MineCraft Red Vs Blue Remake

Hello everybody : )
This is actually my first time posting an animation, so i’m not 100% sure what is allowed or how to go about doing this. I saw a few other threads that have their videos from youtube on them so i’m assuming that’s fine? If not i will gladly listen to what people may tell me to do to put animations here and edit the post : )

So i wanted to share my thoughts and experience with everyone about a project i have recently completed. Which i began several months ago back when i was really into minecraft animations. That is no longer the case so i’m glad i finally got this done because i don’t want to focus on minecraft animations, rather i want to begin to create my own original content : )

[The video has some language in it some may prefer, the reason for it is because this is more of a parody and the original video had such words]

The idea for the project was to take a video that i know has a lot of views and mix it with something that people are interested in. I had been seeing many minecraft animations and it seemed people were really loving those so i decided to mix that with a popular episode of Red Vs Blue (i had been re watching the series) where Tex fights the Reds and Blues. That sequence was one of the most popular moments in the entire show with 9+million views on youtube alone.

So it seemed like a good idea at the time, and we’ll see i suppose.

The animation was an on and off project over several months. Sometimes weeks went by without me touching it. Sometimes i ran into walls that i just couldn’t figure out how to get by.

The absolute worst part about this project… The thing i dreaded the most… was the fact that i thought i could do it all with FK rigs. Such a long project on FK rigs alone (and not very good ones) felt like riding a bike with square wheels at times.
So my advice to beginner animators would be that FK rigs may seem simple and easy, but if you want to do anything serious with it, go learn to make IK rigs. It will save you countless hours of time.

The project took so long you can actually see the progression of my talent through out the video. Mainly seen by the timing of movement when i later learned how to have the actual video up next to the animation within blender to where i could scrub through frame by frame on each at a time.
Also later i saw how helpful it is to have a walk cycle move up and down between steps even on a minecraft character.

The animation is far from perfect. I could go back and change a lot of things, but i think i was aiming for completion rather than perfection. I’m far more excited about my new project.

I think overall questions i would have in the end, is about the actually creation of content such as this in itself.

Such as, is it okay for me to say it’s my content because i did the animation? or does the fact i used the original sounds mean that the entire video should belong to RoosterTeeth?

What would be a correct way to give someone credit if you used something of theirs?

If i use a real song in a video i’m often not allowed to monetize it because it’s not my content, but they say i can if i get permission. How do you get permission? or is it even worth trying?

And then maybe a lesser important question, how often do owners of stuff look up parodies of their own creation? (Would be cool if people from RoosterTeeth saw it it but it seems unlikely to me >_> )

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at it or reading my thoughts on getting through the project :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, movement could be less floaty in some areas, but other than that that’s pretty good.

From 0:39 to 0:44 for instance, IMO the movements could be faster, and more sudden, to create that contrast between still and moving.

Watched it all and I liked it a lot.