Minecraft Secret Diamond Block


Sorry for not preview, but image is so large.

500 Samples
Almost 1 Hour Render time.
Bad computer

not sure what this is…cant see the diamond block. is that crate in the center a diamond block?

Hah! i thought i was one of the only people here who does some minecraft stuff x:
I like this picture :slight_smile:
I am very interested in what the pressure plates would do if someone stepped on them.

yes :slight_smile: that’s a diamond block from minecraft. In minecraft diamonds are very scarce and can only be found in the deepest parts of the game near lava and in dark caves filled with monsters. It can be very useful for making tools or armor with, so it’s very much saught after, and if you have alot of them you can create that solid block of diamond that he has in the middle of his picture.
It keeps all the diamonds packed into one location that most people would want to keep safe :slight_smile:
i assume that room is hidden under his house with a secret entrance, and that the tiny plates around it would definately trigger a trap to someone trying to steal it.

Why do you have bookshelves near lava? That’s just begging for a fire.