Minecraft Tribute

This icon is actually from a different game like minecraft called “exploration” but I liked their idea and wanted to make it look more realistic so here it is.



Looks very nice.

I like what you’ve done with the materials, as well as the compositing! I think it looks really cool. One suggestion I have would be to just grow the grass from the top face of the grass blocks. It looks a little weird to see grass growing sideways along the top edge. I know the actual blocks in Minecraft have that bit of green along the top of the sides, but I think that’s just to give some “thickness” to the grass when viewing it from the side.

But other than that, really awesome job! I like it a lot. The sea star is a nice touch, as well!

Thank you James, you have a good point about the side grass. Do you think it would still look okay if they were growing diagonally upward?

I could be sating the blindingly obvious, but I like the way it looks like an “M”

Wow, I didn’t even notice… >> << I mean, yes, that was my intention.

So you like realistic icons too :slight_smile: happy to see someone else “blendering” icons.
Very nice, like it a lot!
only thing, i find the grass a bit too dark, just nick pick. have you tried a brighter green like the original ?