Hey im not exsactly new to blender nore am i a pro, now all i would like to know is if its possible to make a game like minecraft with blender?, or should i try an different program?, maby some other game engine that i can import blender modles/animations to to make it ? just wondering if there is anyone that can help me thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it is absolutely possible to make MineCraft like games in the BGE.

well i am vary interested in making blender “Minecraft” game, though i would like to make it purely squares without lag, now ive made a char, and 3 blocks, now i just need to get the player to be able to move like minecraft, is there any python scripts that i may have to look at and how to put into my game, also i am open to any type of help, if you want to contribute to this i have skype and other programs to talk to you.

i have a whole number of weapons and game set up in my head and a whole lot writen down and my friend is going to help me.

before i start though i would like to ask if blender is capable of having “Mods” and “Multiplayer” (over internet) for mass games of up to “32”.

If you have got the skills both should be possible.
Python is a very flexible language.
You coud define interfaces and import the users modules in your python code.
But be prepared it wont be an easy or quick task to do.

@killa2471 - I’m not sure about the limits to multiplayer, but yes, Blender can have mods and multiplayer. For the mods to work correctly, you have to design your game correctly (modularly). Multiplayer would handled by Python, particularly the socket module, I think.

Like Wendigo said, it wion’t be easy or quick to either make a Minecraft-like game, sync it up over the Internet, or build it to be moddable. All of those features (outside of a simple level of moddability) will require good Python skill. If you don’t know Python already, I would recommend that you start to learn it.

This is where your difficulty will be. Blender is capable enough, but if you cannot set up a player movement system like MineCraft, then I’m afraid you’ve got “a hard row to hoe” as they say in the farm country around here.

Break what you are trying to do into steps, and then tackle each step one at a time. “I am making a movement system today. I will make this cube move on this plane according to these rules.” Then put the pieces together in your game. It will take you longer than you want it to, but if you don’t have the patience to do that, then you don’t have the patience to make a game.

You are not likely to find a “MineCraft movement system” on the forum, nor are you likely to find someone who will make one for you (though it is possible someone would). The BGE is not that difficult to use. It just takes patience, research, and trying.

well i know how the logic bricks work, i can animate/texture/do mostly everything in the actual blender itself, the only thing is the scripting… ive done some GML, whatever visual studio uses and some basic drag and drop with stencil. . . im willing to give this idea up to arround a year to two, im vary adiment that this could work and i know if i make this properly it could end up vary successful. . . i would be prepared to pay people to help me with the python (when the game is finnished and they would get a certain % due to how much they have put in). . .

anyone interested i have an idea and the willingness to get this to work.

1st thing i need to set up is a plan on how to make the game and what steps are needed
Eg: what is needed, how we will go about it, communication, this game will obviously have an ingame level design integrated into it (like minecraft) it will have a more PvP feel to the game though, with a user level that will grant the user special upgrades ingame and an ingame level itself.

your ingame level is judged by time not xp, (say you killed a cow or goblin you would be granted a time 5 mins etc, and the further into the game you will be able to select a certain tech tree whether you want to be a fighter, mage, healer, ranged or a mix of all)

now me and my friend were thinking about going though the ages all the way up to ww3 where there will be robots, lazer guns, emp etc.

for more info and if your interested in this idea give me a Private message. thanks Killa

Yes it is possible. Check my video:

I will make tut soon