Ming House

Hi guys,

This is my latest project. I’ve made it based on this photo: http://www.archdaily.com/518365/ming-house-lgz-taller-de-arquitectura

I’ve modeled everything except the tree (I download it from Autodesk Seek - http://seek.autodesk.com/search/xfrog?source=QuickLinks&resetft=true&locale=en-us#).

Blender 2.75a and Cycles.

Comments are welcome.

My only critique is that the chairs in the balcony could be worked on more for more detail.
Are you planning on doing more rooms?

Thank you, HolyCG! At first moment, I was planning to make an internal render, but I gave up, because I have more projects to finish…

Sorry, I forgot to assign materials on the wooden table and chairs metal objects, located on balcony.