mingw builds of blender take 10x longer to synchronize objects

it was taking about 17 seconds to synchronize objects in the scene but in a mingw build it takes well over a minute

In my experience, it’s about 4 times longer, not 10 (this is from remembering more or less the exact times from one scene).

MingW builds currently cannot work with OpenMP, and as far as I know some of the modifiers use the library in which the issue generally appears when a derivedmesh must be calculated (which I think might be part of the culprit, though I’m not sure.)

well in my case we have a large scene with characters a few rigs… a hundred or more models so threes allot to calculate they are also linked in from a main folder its not built in that file

from 17 seconds build time to around 1 min 40 seconds give or take a few seconds for user error

thanks for the reply :smiley: