Mingw64 compilation added to BuildBot...

To repeat myself :slight_smile: - MingGW support added to BuildBot: http://builder.blender.org/download/

Whilst the link below works, be sure to go to BuildBot website to get the latest build.

http://builder.blender.org/win.png MinGW 64 bit blender-2.63-r46098-mingw64.zip 35M Mon Apr 30 08:00:53 2012

Is there any difference. I just ask since there appears to be a 21MB size gap between the regular windows 64 build and this one, or is this just a result of the compiler?

No clue, but mingw64 builds run much faster; mainly of use with building bvh and for those amd/ati owners - rendering too.

MinGW renders in CPU mode(Cycles) on Windows just as fast as if it were on Linux.
If its a Version of MinGW with the BVH optimizations as well. then you get that benefit too.
(all the newer ones should have this since it was added into trunk)

Do you have to install MinGW on the machine to run? Missing a .dll

i use the mingw-64 psy-fi build at graphicall.org i didnt have to install anything else.

Got it. It won’t compile the kernals for my card like the Blender.org build for windows, but on the CPU 50 passes for one scene in particular rendered in 53 sec on the Blender.org build and the MinGW rendered 50 passes in 38 sec. 15 sec difference isn’t bad.

havent tried the buildbot MinGW yet, but the psy-fi mingw build is alot faster than the
regular MSVS studio builds in CPU mode that’s for sure.
Just be aware that right now MinGW doesnt have ffmpeg, and Collada

Hi, ajm.

Yes, there will be a small problem with pthread.dll with current buildbot builds. On my own build I took care to include it. I just updated scons to also include also it for buildbot so in the next build it should work fine.

[Edit:] There’s a build including pthreads in the builder now.

Good. :slight_smile:

Although if need it now, I presume can copy and paste the .dll?

64 build and this one, or is this just a result of the compiler?
no, result of stripping

@psy-fi:any progress of ffmpeg, and collada?

I can compile without any pthread.dll problem now. Thank you Psy-Fi :yes: