Mini B

Im sure most of you know what mini b is. What I would like to know if there is a difference in a way some mini bs are wired?

Here is whats going on. My GPS charges with mini b. So I would think that any Car charger with mini b would charge it. However when I plug in my cell phone car charger (which is also mini b) into GPS my GPS goes into USB mode. That is, GPS thinks that its connected to a computer so I cant use it while its plugged in. So are cell phone mini b’s wired in a different way that lets GPS detect it? Or is it done by current voltage?

My mp3 player also thinks it’s connected to a pc, when I plug a mini b in. Nevertheless, when I plug the other side of the minib in a special adapter, he still thinks it’s connected to a pc, but still charges. So what kind of adapter do you have?

i would buy a new mini-b cable (they’re relatively cheap), cut it open and isolate the data wires (white and green)… see if that charges your GPS without making it think it has to transfer data

Cheers for your replies.

@Doggie, I lost my GPS charger and im using cheap cell phone car charger. It will still charge my gps but I have to unplug it to use it. If it is plugged in it goes into USB mode.

@dyf, I will try to rewire it and see what happens. I know I could just buy a brand new charger but why not give this a try first.

I also found out that there is Mini A and Mini B. This might be whats going on here. :confused:

The various USB connectors are all standardized. Your GPS may be going into USB mode simply because it isn’t made to be charged and used at the same time.

It is made to be charged and used at the same time. I know that from using it for about 1.5 years. Also I can use it if I plug in my AC cellphone charger.

It has something to do with Mini B car charger wired differently. That is, its wired just like USB