Mini-Bot Help!

This is a little minibot I just started about an hour ago. I will render some fresh images when I fully finish the rig. He’s for a little compositing film. Just a little spider to walk around my house =D

I will keep your guys informed (no progress at all tomorrow, as I’m going to the fair all day =D)


Ok, the rig is almost done. It’s rigged using constraints, how do I make is so when the body sphere moves down the pivot joints move the round hip joint which bends the knee (fake ik/fk?) I could use an empty and make the sphere copy location and make the pivot joints copy which bends the knee yada yada yada. Is this the only solution of is there a better way :confused:

Anyway here’s the bot so far, and the rig (the hole in it’s head is where it’s laser eye is going to attach, you’ll see.) I’m going all out with modeling, I’m even doing interior modeling of the bot which is never visible (I got alot of free time :eyebrowlift2:)

EDIT:: here’s an image of what I want the rig to do when the body sphere is moved


Anyone know?

Why not use an armature with actual IK rather than try to fake it?

Cause I prefer constraints. Anyway new render


Why not use the ‘IK solver’ constraint then :eyebrowlift:

I’ll try it out. How do you like it?

It’s pretty cool.