mini city Slow-motion water sim 87.2gb fluid cache

I’ve spent the last few days rendering this out, any suggestions? i can’t help but keep thinking there’s something missing.

Specs:Fluid cache: 87.2gb!!
Amount of ram used: 2.31gb
Resolution: 500
Baketime: 1-2 hours
Rendertime: Around 2-3 days
Samples: 75
Number of frames: 1500
Frame rate: 24
World size: 10m
Renderengine: cycles

Any improvements comments?


You have a good start, but the fluid scale seems off compared to building size. You may want to try some alternate bakes with changes to real world size.

If it supposed to look like miniature its good. Although the water looks like jelly

Thanks for the feedback, unfortuntely i’m not sure how to make the world size appear larger than 10m as it is the highest the number will go :confused:

Mike Pan did what I would consider the most believable, large scale fluid simulation to date in Blender, and that was back in 2006! (Maybe even earlier).

You may have seen the video before:

Total simulation data was about 10 GB’s. I would recommend reading the description and comments and seeing if you can find any helpful information.