Mini-Contest Proposal

Since there is this wonderfull poll stuff so kindly offered by Kib_Tph, and since there is a nice thread on optical illusions with blender I propose
a mini-contest (without prizes, of course, this is for glory :smiley: )

Mail/post me with links to your optical illusion works.

Next monday I’ll post a new thread with all the links and a poll for voting with , say, a week for voting.



Sounds like fun stefano!

Maybe 2 weeks for submissions to be sent? That will give people time to make new scenes if they haven’t already.

Should be interesting though.



2 weeks for submission -> April 16
Then Voting !

This is the face I expect from people looking at the images!


(P.S. this is an enlarged version of the icons I’m blending, Timothy…)

sounds like fun, have to see if I have the time and effort to participate…it would otherwise be fun to see others creation as well…

ztonzy :o

note the maximum number of poll options is 10,…

yay more optical illusions. Sounds like fun.



I havent tested it that extensively…

no problem!

We will make quarters, semifinals and finals … I’ll sleep on this and I’ll see what I will dream.