Mini Cooper Model from Maya to Blender

Hey Guys, I hope I somehow found the right Forum for my request… I’m a longtime Blender user, mostly using it for internal presentation stuff at work (often videos or images to accompagny outlines in keynote presentations). Now I desperately needed a Mini Cooper to use in one of these animations… I’d love to model one myself, but on the one hand I’m hardly skilled enough to do so, and on the other I lack the time… In the end it’s just fancying up a presentation and thus doesn’t justify spending 3 work-days or so building a model :slight_smile:

However, I found a free model somewhere in the web, but it’s a Maya Model and there seemed to be no solution to import that into blender. I thus installed Maya PLE but that didn’t allow me to export as OBJ (or something else) either…

So, my question… does any of you have a working Maya and could export this model to obj for me? That’d be great…

Alternativly, if someone wants to share his MiniCooper Blender Model for use in our internal presentations that’d be just as good :wink:

you can find the model here:
(courtesy of Peter Steyn,

thanks in advance, it would be great if someone could help me out!

(my email, in case someone wants to send me something is [email protected])

happy blending :slight_smile:


i dont think many of us have maya…
why dont u try a maya forum?
im sure theyll have many people who have maya :wink:
lol XD