Mini cooper (update page2)


after my Audi a3 which was my first car, I began these mini cooper. I posted some pictures on a French forum . I post all the first part now here. I’ll post my progression soon :

>>> Hum what si this new car ?

>>> It seems to be a mini…

>>> Yes it is !

>>> 2 nd render

>>> somes updates

Coming along very nicely :slight_smile: Might want to give the materials a higher specularity though so it is easier to see the details of the surfaces (and help find any areas with odd bumps etc.)

Looking good so far.

In the last render, the headlight hole seems to be squashed in the X direction, compared to the earlier renders.

Keep going,


Looking good so far, just tone down the imense red power of that paint and you may have too stitch the two halves of the car together.

yes I know. I changed it because in the earliers renders it wasn’t good :slight_smile:
All the renders are to previz purpose. I’ll will study colors, materials and lighting after the modeling part. And I will weld the two halves as soon as I’ll be sure my model is good

Hey there

nice and clean modeling. Im also modeling a car atm (BMW Z8) any ways i was wondering whats your method of doing the seams for the doors etc? (i dont know if thats the right word) What I mean is whats your way of getting from your “2nd Render” to “some more updates”

Anyways I hope you can understand this crazy post.

Oh I don’t find yet the good way to do that effectively. For the moment I cut parts, select borders and extrude them few units into the right way and a second time in the interior direction.

For the car I will make after this one, I wil propably done that at early stage of the modeling part by part and stop cutting in a big mesh. i don’t like the result.

I hope you will understand this post too. I know that don’t speak english well

just a car paint test before number of poly explode :

<sings. “We’re the self-preeeeservation…soooocietyyyyyy…”

Ahem, sorry, flashbacks from The Italian Job there. It’s looking great :slight_smile:

some studies for the car paint. Ichanged my light probe, add a background and a road in progress :

first test :

second test with more reflections :

Anf my final shader :
C&C required for the car paint ! do you prefer the first, second or third ?

You have talent man… that looks great. The last image is great. Almost, just not quite, photorealistic. Great job on the paint and windows. i realy like it. Keep up the good work.

sweet. um… maybe you could add the “glow” of gold in the back? j/k… keep up the good work!!

I worked on the environment, addition of textures for the road, put an image in background, changed the point of view and update my car paint. I’ve to finish the modeling now.

Great render! No crits, just keep working.

wow nice… just one one small %| wheres the door handle?

Awesome materials, awesome modeling! The texture on the side of the road seems stretched, though (left side of the image). Might want to fix that. Then it would look perfect! Except for the fact that it’s completely hollow ;). I’m really looking forward to seeing this finished.

news updates, headlights, some addition and interior. final render approaches.
I know there’s an AA problem, but it just a test render :slight_smile:

C&C required

Very good renders indeed, the car paint looks great, as well as chrome on the wheels. The headlights look nice, though I’d work more on the reflcetion, if it makes any sense. :stuck_out_tongue: