mini cooper

i used Blender for modeling and Yafray for rendering,
i hope you enjoy.



that is amazing!

i am lost for words.

this pic is so great, I must have some crits: treads on the tire (pretty hard to add textures with yafray, better model them)
2. no interior (if you want to make a flyby animation you shoud model at least a basic interior) or is it just too dark inside to see it?

  1. great work! write a tutorial :slight_smile:

Crikey crap, that’s great. There’s a Mini dealer a block from where I work, and I look at it enviously every day I walk by there (actually, I’m looking more at the Z3’s than the Minis, but whatever).

Great job.

And what oh what will this stuff look like when Yafray can bump map? Holy freaking mackeral.

That’s an incredible image - the only thing that annoys me about it is that it’s so overexposed - the shadows aren’t dark enough and the shading looks flat and foggy.

I couldn’t help but take the image into Photoshop and adjust the levels: Here’s a more correctly exposed pic to show you how it could be:

Apart from this point, everything else is fantastic. Great work!


Could you please render a version with Blender, using environment mapping and radiosity? I’d like to see how close to this yafray stuff you can get like that.

adyus, i don’t understand every words (i don’t speak english very well), but there’s an interior, i didn’t worked a lot on the interior but i modeled the most important things, anyway i think the wheels are the most important thing to do.

broken, i had increased luminosity after rendering, that’s why the shading looks flat and foggy, here is the original version which seems too dark to me:

noid, i’d like to but have no time for a good blender version, in fact i used Blender only for modeling, i only used OpenGL view, to work quickly.

Thanks everybody:)


wheee! T-H-A-T R-O-C-K-S!!!

cya henrik

Awesome work!!!

My only crit would be that the car looks blue from one angle and red from another… hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

:o :o :o :o :o YIKES THAT KICKS ASS!!! WIREFRAME WIREFRAME!!! send it over to insidecg as well, as a sort of advertisement for blender & yafray. :Z :< :Z

hmm… outstanding ! :smiley:

You have to tell me the secret for the carpaint. It simply rocks.

hannibar, i think there’s a lot of method for car rendering, as for me i put the car inside a cube and let the hemilight doing the job. there’s no light, but it could give better results with Path Light,
i think carpaint is not important, i let the parameters as default, just select the reflection parameter.

you’ve created a good car material.

Are you using a fresnel-dependant reflectance?

I’ve been using that with good results so far.

hi mrmunkily,
no, i don’t know this option, i’d like to see more about it…

:o :o :o A M A Z I N G ! ! ! :o :o :o

How did you get the environment map so precise?

bafoon: Surely you jest…


Here’s what I’ve been doing, as per eeshlo’s suggestions. It makes reflections that are less intense when looking at the material head on, but get stronger and clearer as the angle gets more oblique. For example, looking at a sphere, its middle point, right in the center of the hemisphere facing you, would appear glossy red or blue or whatever diffuse color is assigned to the material… As you look around the edges of the sphere, you’d notice that the environment’s reflection makes up most of the coloration and lighting at that point.

For example, this domino image has reflection color values set a pure white. You’d normally expect to get a mirror, but instead you get this nice glossy black:

The trick here is to do 3 key things.

  1. Set the reflection on, and set it to white (256 256 256)

  2. Set IOR ON - Set the IOR slider to somewhere between 1.5 and 2 - you can experiment here if you like.

  3. Set Min Ref slider to 0.00

I turn off spec altogether (when working with GI at least), and set a diffuse color (black looks perty)[/b]

You even placed the number of the programs’ versions!!

wireframe…[begs]…puleez!!! :frowning:


Great model :slight_smile:


It is made much good.
Fantastic Rendering.
How many lights you have used and which type?