Mini Cooper

modeled with blender, rendered yafaray…

I hope you enjoy it!

tha looks really good! 5 stars from me! :slight_smile:

awesome!!! 5 stars from me too :slight_smile:

OOooooo! Shiny! Nice work Hperigo :slight_smile:

Only crit: It might be just me but there’s something up with the roof. It looks soft…maybe it needs to be black too…I don’t know…it might be just me. Good work anyways :smiley:

!!! What else? :slight_smile:

good, but too dark.

looks good. Would definitely like to see a render that shows more of the model. Was it ever in the WIP section, cus i would sure love to see some wires?


It´s an ancient technique called “dark is not moody”,it was invented in the ancient time ago to hide mistakes made by the artist =D
nah, just kiddin, its dark becuse it´s only lit with a plane (dãr)… i like that way…


it´s not much but here are some screen shots: