Mini Demo Reloaded

Here is the result of Blender’s Povray importer, making a few tweaks and then the
usual POV-Ray exporter process, I hope you like it ! thanks to Gilles Tran of course,
for providing the initial POV scene here:
The Blender scene is here for a while:
(you need to let the video ad play to be able to download)
Would anyone want to help improving the render time (33h 24m 31sec 81) / quality ratio?

Looks great.
Not much other criticism
but the materials do look a little off reality
like the car paint is a little too much diffuse

I dont have any tricks for improving the render times but you could try lowering the samples until you get a decent enough image.

Looking at your others they are alot better.
\I did not see them before

Thanks a lot. Did you try and render the scene? maybe render time would be different on another machine…