Mini Game

A tiny mini game done in a couple of hours:


Controls: Left, Right, Up


Gave it a download. Great fun for how simple it is! :smiley:

Thanks!! :smiley:

Interesting and fun Eibriel!, may be you can add some “power ups” to help the poor ball to cross the screen, just an idea :).

lol original idea!
although it looks a bit odd when the cubes go through the earth thingym and it isnt really necesary either i think.
but its a good game!

I like it…do the cubes speed up the longer you stay alive? Or is it just my imagination?

Great game! Very original idea, and also pretty simple. Reminds me of all the simple games that have exploded over the years, namely flappybird and pong. You should then give some power-ups or increased cube speed. That would make things really fun

so good, thanks ! lets tai game ban ca, good job !

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