Mini golf game simple motion and physics problem

I’m trying to make a very simple mini golf game, but can’t seem to get the physics and/or ball motion to work as I expect.

The setup I have is very simple (I’ve pretty much fell at the first hurdle). I have a plane as the ground (square), a UV Sphere as the ball and four stretched cubes as the wall ‘cushions’ to bounce the ball off. I have logic to set the ball in motion. When I line up the ball 90deg to the wall, it bounces off at 90deg, but at 45deg, it bounces off at greater than 45.

My questions are what physics type/settings should I use for the ball and walls, and what motion should I use to set the ball moving? Does the motion type interfere with the physics (spin)? What about the friction and elasticity settings?

I have tried many many variations of all of the above, but the correct way still eludes me, so any help would be great. Thanks.

Make sure your ball has a material assigned to it and then in Physics change elasticity to 1.00. The objects you want the ball to bounce off of should also have elasticity to 1.00 or something a bit smaller.