Mini-golf starter kit (version 1.5 up) (with screenshot)

Okay you all may remember this thread
It was supposed to be a nice mini-golf demo, but Blenderage never completed it, he had the basic shot stuff and such in there but not much else, it wasn’t complete.

So here’s the expanded and completed version that I made (much credit to Blenderage of course)
-Full putting system (was already in the origional)
-Penalty strokes
-Per hole score
-Global game score
-Multiple holes and variable transfer between holes
-Message at end to tell you what you got (system is value based, eagles only possible on holes with high pars)

-Use left mouse to set power, right mouse to set height, middle mouse to set accuracy, to make it more forgiving and not shoot the difficulty up the accuracy can be set seperately, the putter can be rotated after setting it, and it won’t lock when it gets to the end (though it will lock when you let go)
-Extreme high and low values for accuracy don’t show on the par, though the sweet spot does.
-If the accuracy bar moves too fast just go to the ball logic and set the value it is added to a lower value.
-In order for your score to be kept you must start at the scene named beginning, as that’s where the global score is initialized, use the set scene actuator used by the scene’s single object to make it go to a different hole
-To change the par for the hole simply go to the par object and change the property value.

Space advances holes when the ball’s in the hole
R restarts the hole

1). Fully copy the scene to a new one
2). Delete the ball, putter, setup, and a holder object on layer two (visible in wireframe)
3). Go to the last scene and link those objects to the new scene
4). Make the par and hole number objects single users.

I was making a mini-golf game based on the origional demo with my own touch in completing it (hey I was like, I wanted to make a mini-golf game, but the demo wasn’t completed, so I took completing it into my own hands (or claws)), I just thought it would be nice to share what I have so far as a starter kit.

SCREEN: (when the ball is moving)

Okay I’m planning this out, I may plan to add one or two more holes for this starter kit and that will be it, all new holes after that will probably not be in it.

Changes include (mainly graphical)
-Redone grass, I replaced the texture that came with the demo with my own
-New hole.

This looks really cool!
Cant wait to get home and try this :smiley:

some problems with download?

hmm. It’s pretty cool, tho there are some glitches :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get past the first hole heh… There’s a glitch on the right tube where it’s clipping through the wall and the ball gets stuck in the tube. I think the aim is a bit off, it kept going to the left. It’s pretty neat tho, i’ll probably mess around some more with it.

The tube thing can easily be fixed, in my testing it does go through the tube successfully, maybe pushing a few verticies may help.

I think the aim is a bit off, it kept going to the left

You need to press the middle mouse button to set the accuracy, if it’s too far to the left it goes to the left, whereas it’s too far to the right, it goes to the right.

Also, right mouse button sets the height.


-Improved cliff texture on hole 6
-Pushed verts to unblock right pipe in hole 6
-Slowed the max power down very slightly to reduce collision problems, I can’t do much about high speed collision issues until Erwin implements CCD in which the python function already exists, but it’s advised we leave it alone.

Remember, the accuracy slider is very important for the shot, it’s advised you set this first, the sweet spot is roughly outlined by the wire rectangle in the corner (if Blender materials work with your card)


-2 new holes (probably the last ones for the starter kit, more will probably not be added, make your own holes) (infamous anthill type hole added)
-Consolidated course materials via the multiple material user system.

-2 new holes
-some old holes retrofitted with objects having convex bounds to help the collision
-camera pitch
-simple zoom (kind of quick, but it works for the default positon)

Wow this kit looks very nice I always love to include Mizuno MX-300 Irons clubs in my golf kit.