[mini-Howto] MODO navigation in Blender!

Some time ago I’ve realized that it’s possible to have 3D viewport navigation compatible with MODO.
It only requires 5 settings:


  • Auto Depth
  • Zoom To Mouse Position


  • Emulate 3 Button Mouse
  • (Orbit Style) Trackball
  • (Zoom Style) Horizontal

I’ve also created this simple script below - maybe someone will find it useful:

import bpy; x = bpy.context.user_preferences

Make 3D View navigation compatible with MODO:

  1. To rotate press the alt/option key alone and LMB-click drag over the viewport

  2. Zoom by holding ctrl/command + alt/option and LMB-click dragging over the viewport

  3. Pressing both the shift and alt/option keys and then LMB-click dragging over
    the viewport will move the view position around left and right and up and down
    x.view.use_mouse_depth_navigate = True # enable: Auto Depth
    x.view.use_zoom_to_mouse = True # enable: Zoom To Mouse Position
    x.inputs.use_mouse_emulate_3_button = True # enable: Emulate 3 Button Mouse
    x.inputs.view_rotate_method = ‘TRACKBALL’ # Orbit Style: Trackball
    x.inputs.view_zoom_axis = ‘HORIZONTAL’ # Zoom Style: Horizontal

optional, non-default, but recommended settings:
x.view.use_auto_perspective = True # enable: Auto Perspective (auto orthographic views)
x.system.use_region_overlap = True # enable: Region Overlap (makes Tool Shelf transparent)

save all settings as default:

To use it, open Text Editor in Blender, click “+ New” button, paste the code, and click “Run Script” button

Ah yes, I set this up a while ago, feels much better.
Modo is so awesome! 901 is due here soon too!

What about Blender navigation in Modo? That’s what I’m interested in.

In modo’s 3d viewport, there is a gear icon in the top right. Click it and find the option for trackball mode, there should be a check or something, turn it off and you’ll have turntable mode.

Sorry to Necro this thread, but I was looking to see if there was a way to have modo navigation but without ruining blender’s shortcut keys. There is a way to do this for Maya, just wondering if someone has done it for modo.