Mini Network demo

Hi everyone,

Been working on the networking for my RPG point and click, and as such have started making a mini game to test it.

I am using some very basic udp socket stuff here so nothing fancy and lan only. Credits go to Mike Pan for the basis of the code since I copied it from his website (forget the address)

With not much modification I managed to get it working under blender 2.52 (alpha 2).

I am going for a bomberman style clone, except instead of blowing each other up, I wanted to knock each other off the platform.

To use this:

There are 2 cylinders, the one with the character inside is your main player, the other is the remote player (called player 2) selecting the main cylinder (thinks its Mesh.003 lol) there is a property called IP. Both PC’s running the network game need to type in there partner’s IP address here.

Before you hit play one of the players needs to move the main cylinder a little so it wont spawn you in the same place at the start and have some super dodgy collision happen. You need to try to hit P near the same time since I haven’t synced any of the physics.

You can then move around using WSAD and aiming with the mouse. Clicking the mouse button “fires” a ball out, which can bump the cubes around and at each other.

You will notice that the cubes get out of sync, and its actually impossible to push each other with the cubes easily since the position updates override the rigid physics. I am unsure how I am going to approach this problem yet, but think I may end up with a proper server client type scenario where physics is only handled on one and the client is more like a remote terminal rather than trying to sync them both. I am open to advice if anyone has any neat solutions or experience here?

Anyway enjoy.



network_demo.blend (260 KB)