Mini Pool (wip#2)

This is a second WIP picture of my latest (smaller) project, the first one in the WIP forums got only one reply, so I’m hoping maybe someone here has more to say about what I should change/add/etc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

rendered with Indigo (1h 50min)


Very nice!
You did a good job on the materials, and you did a great job on the background.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the excessive use of grainy-ness.

Very nice concept…

Yeah, not much to say, here. The materials are very nice, especially on the pool balls themselves, but you might’ve done well to use more samples with your AO.

the grainy-ness is typical with indigo. it’s nothing you can solve other that letting it render forever.
anyhow, there’s a white line on the green floor, meant to be there?
can you give me some system specs?
very good piece.


that happens when you shoot the ball and the chalk lands on the floor…i think so…but looks realistic anyways…

…Oh, it does say indigo. Sorry. XP I forgot to read that bit. Anyway, nice job, again.


don’t hijack this thread.

Is the guy with the black suit on the referee?


Thanks for the replies!
Yep, he’s the referee, the only distinguishing mark being the black suit :slight_smile:
White line: yes, that’s part of the texture. Happens when you aim low and shoot strong, and the cue slides off the bottom of the ball and across the table.
Grainyness: thats Indigo right there. For the final render I’ll render it for longer, hopefully it’ll disappear. And based on your replies, it pretty is ready for the final render, I can’t see anything to change either.

System specs: AMD Athlon 64 2800+ with 1 GB Kingston RAM, ATI 9600Pro

Right about my pc. If you want me to I’ll push it through an indigo filter on neat image when it’s done. I got that filter from Skypa. Good luck on the rendering. I can help rendering monday if I’m correct.


Have you thought about doing the dof in the node editor instead of using indigo, that way you get less grain and a much quicker render time. It would make it a much cleaner render…