mini-screen in game mode??

Hi, I’m wondering if blender has an option that allows you to make a “screen” in game mode.
For example, a fps view, but in the top right corner, there is a map that shows you moving around on it. Does this exist? If so, how do you use it?

Maybe somehow put an image from another camera onto a plane that you can see with the fps camera?

Well that would be render to texture, and afaik, the bge can’t currently do that.

You can have a texture of a map, and your character presented as a dot that would move on that map (like maps in zelda for example), corresponding to the players current position in the gamespace. Something like that would definitelly be possible.

You need to use a little python to make it all work though, but nothing too elaborate.

Look over the tuts demos sticky, also use the forum search function. Maybe someone already made an example.

the fps template that was done as one of the 2.42 bullet physic library has a mini map showing your location on it, try checking that out, I dont have the link to it at the moment

OTO did that in his “Lisboa GTR: Gas Express” game. It was an entry in the bullet game contest, so you can find it in the sticky on the contest, or search it up with the forum search function. Basically, you should make a map and use a separate camera like you said, then use the split-screen (“multiple viewports”) feature (which takes a little bit of Python code). I’m not sure how OTO got the dot on his map to follow the movement of the pickup truck through the town, but you could either study his .blend file or ask him through a PM. He’s around here pretty regularly, so he may even see this thread.

I did a really simple version of this once. It was an overlay scene, and thus not what you want, since it occupied the entire screen, but did make the dot move. Basically, you can just duplicate the scene and replace the character with a dot. Now this would essentially double your poly count, but what I did was take a screen grab, opened it into the gimp, saved it as a JPEG, edited it so it looked nice, and then loaded it as a texture that I scaled to the actual size of the scene so it fit perfectly. I replaced my player with a glowing red dot, and it worked wonderfully. Except that it was an overlay scene. Would have used the splitscreen if I had the knowledge at the time. This could probably be accomplished easier through the get/setRotation python function.

Actually, Dim, an overlay wouldn’t have to cover the whole screen. If you just put the map in the upper corner and nothing else on screen, you would still be able to see the game (I think you should avoid giving the overlay scene a “World” setting, though, since that might cause it to not display as background-transparent).

J09, the overlay scene might be an easier solution if you’re not familiar with Python.

Couldn’t a splitscreen be used to accomplish this?

Yes, I’ve used the split screen method
It works quite well, but eats lots of FPS
Here you can download the file (bottom page):
But I don’t remember very well how I’ve done it :slight_smile:
Well, you need an extra cam pointing to the little map with the Python script
And the moving dots are parented to the real objects and move a little
over the mini map…I guess