Here is my render of a mini-spaceship, and I was wondering what your opinions were. You guys are the people that keep me motivated to do this, and I always love to know your opinions. Please feel free to comment and critique away, don’t hold back! I think that critiques are the fastest way to improve your skills, so I love it, and I read every comment, I promise! :smiley:

How cute! Somewhat strange, but also an interesting take on spacecraft.

I note that you can see trees and sky reflected in the window. Maybe a planet would be more appropriate? Also the grassy area seems to lack an entry point.

You are obviously not going for realism, but it might be nice to include some more ‘spaceship-y’ aspects, like a radio antenna or some smaller rockets on the sides. Also, the currently burning rocket looks a bit weird. I have limited experience with smoke simulation in blender, but I think you could do better with that.

I am unsure about the hatch on the bottom side, it looks a bit weird to be there and I am not sure what it is for. Also the low poly tree, ooks out of place unless there is more of something you are trying to draw attention to. Everything should be either low or high poly, or there should be a strong reason as to why you are breaching that trend.

Hey, thanks for all the advice! I agree with you on all of those things, and I want to make these changes A.S.A.P! So I’ll have an update in a few days, so stay tuned for more spaceship. I also wanted to say that your Realistic Space Landscape Project is coming along so well. I can’t believe that you have only been using Blender for a month, and have made so much progress! Good luck, and stay tuned. :eyebrowlift: