I have wanted to model this project for quite awhile now but am just getting the time to get to it now. The colours are temp and I will probably end up UV mapping the hull. C&C always welcome.


I reckon it looks quite cartoony right now and would look great if just one colour and stuff in a bright underwater thing with “god-rays” and mermaids and crabs and happy little elves in scuba gear :cool:
Nice model tho ^^

Are the bolts textured or modeled? And could we see some wires please?

I love the texturing! It gives it the kind of look that you would expect to see on a sub. I’m not very enthusiastic about the blue paint though. Perhaps a grey or dark brown would look more realistic. Unless you want it to be cartoonish sub.

Sub looks really nice, I like the cartoony stile textures, and modelling. But there is one problem on your sub, well actually two.First the bolts are not distributed evenly, and second the rudder is to small to steer that sub.

The sub looks great. Just add an enviroment and setup a nice lightning.

Here’s an update. I decided to try a darker colour. Similar to gunmetal but not quite as black. I’m also toying with an all-bronze colour but then that might minimize some of the brass accents. I might also do a lot of ornamental scrollwork because I want it to look Victorian…but maybe not quite as gaudy. The bolts and rivets are modeled. There is also another rudder on the underside bit is not visible from this angle. Happy little elves with SCUBA gear…thats just silly...everybody knows that elves dont have that kind of technology. C&C always welcome.


Just getting a start on the background. Does anyone know a good way to create light rays streaming down through the water? C&C always welcome.


you could try volumetric spot light effect, and maybe throw a texture on the light itself…
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Update time. Been awhile. Time for some plants. C&C always welcome.


How did you get the under water look? (the light rays hitting the floor)

you need some “dust” and debris and plankton floating around in the water like in Nemo.

Yeah, I know. I am going to dirty it up a bit in the last stage. I added a few more light rays on the sea floor (which are done by using a spot light with a marble texture applied). I am going to put in some fish and plants next.


It look good.
I think you must add more fog effect. But really cool image :wink:

How big is that sub? The intensity of the light on the ground suggests it’s quite close to the surface of the water, making the sub seem like a model. if it is, then good job! Otherwise I would try and work on the balance and perspective to give it some scale.

It’s a three man sub at approx 20-30 ft depth. The water will be dirtied up and the lighting turned down in the final image. C&C welcome.

Doing some experimenting with plants. Then maybe a school of small fish and some bubbles,etc. C&C always welcome.