Mini Submarine

A research mini-sub, designed for a science museum interactive display.

The funny design with the hood and large window, and the fish-like large tail (without propeller) was a specific request by the client, who already had a sketch of the sub and wanted to develop it in 3D.

Found a couple of issues in texturing to be fixed.
9 hours work (modelling, drawing and applying textures, lights etc.).

Click pics for larger.

Nice work
I like the lighting and its a nice looking model.
I don’t know exactly what you were asked to provide but in these renders the totally black background doesn’t give the impression of being under water to me. I know that at depth it would look as you made it. As an artist I think the pics would be more interesting at less depth with some blue mist, filtered sunlight, and fake caustics. I like the render with the snow the best.
Over all looks good :smiley:

excelent light setup. i miss a bit of dirt in it, basicly the character of deep see water is missing with all the particles in it.

but still great work!

That’s right, there should (and probably will) be particles and fish around the ship, attracted to the lights. One of the pics shows particles in suspension, as if near a muddy bottom.
As for light, I guess it would look better in shallower water but it’s designed for 3000m dives (10.000ft!) and it’s a total, absolute darkness down there…

pics in position 3,4 and 5 are “showroom” images with extra light, not underwater scenes.

I remember doing a sub years ago ( cartoony but ). I think to push yours the final 2% all you need to do is apply a moronoi texture to the light from the surface to make it less uniform (although obviously the deeper you are it’ll be less intense and more uniform). Also if that light has a halo step effect, so under the sub it casts a shadow through the murk, and there’s a nice subtle fog thing going on.

That all said, the model and textures are brilliant, and my comments could be the result of misinterpreting the aim here! Just a tiny bit of distance based mist though . . .