MINI UFO! a 3D educative Games

***hello!, today I’m gonna show you the game i made back in 2013 using blender for my college!:cool:
it’s called MINI UFO, your job is to find collectables to gain information
as well as fight some enemies along the way:yes:

here’s a pic :

no Pyhton, it’s pure logic bricking!
also available at blendswap :

give a try, and let me know whaddaya think about it!

Looks cool in blender (has a black bar on the right though) and looks very strange when started at 1280x720 with blenderplayer…

blendswap isn’t a very good site to use for games though if you want people to casually try it out since it requires registration for download and has download limits per user.

hmm, maybe it’s a driver problem
I played it on 4:3 ratio and have no issue

here’s the demo :