Mini World

Would like some reviews over this inspired work I have done.

The image and concept look wonderful! I especially like the plastic material feel to it that goes well with the soft lighting and depth of field. The modelling is exceptional, as it takes into account the scale of the scene.

My biggest critique is a possible lack of a visual focus. The positioning and blur make the mine cart and hill feel like the focus, but then the complexity of the building under construction on the right tends to pull my attention away. If might be worthwhile to make a render more zoomed out to show the entire yellow block, and reduce the blur slightly. This could put the entire world in focus as a whole.

Additionally, the houses on the top left seem to have completely black windows and doors, while all other buildings (aside from the one on the water) have yellow windows/doors. Because of the overall yellow-tinge I think instead of pure black maybe a darker yellow-pink would be more fitting with the colour scheme. The black windows for the house on the water work because they have a grid, which breaks up the solid black colour somewhat (though a dark yellow-pink interior might also be good here).

Nonetheless, I really like your work here and I hope to see your works again in the future!