Miniature Dynamo

A hamster powered light bulb :rolleyes:


Lol, that’s awesome! :smiley: Are there any bigger renders, or are those the largest ones you’ve got? Did you use the Blender Internal Render Engine for this, or something else?

Was all rendered with Blender’s internal render. i Hope this works, I’ve attached the large version in this comment, dunno if it will work tho


I think the lightbulb looks awsome, but is it slightly below the floor plane?

I like the way you manage to make realistic renders without resorting to external renderers like lux or yafaray, I think it shows more skill than just raytracing everything.


Yeah i had noticed the under the floor problem, only that my laptop isnt the best machine in the world and it takes forever to render this image! But thanks for the appreciation, personally i don’t get on well with external renderers, bring on cycles if you ask me :smiley:

Great job! Just one problem. You have both wires leading to the bulb connecting at the bottom. One should be at the bottom while the other connects to the side where the threads are.

Other than that I like it.