Miniature Golf, WIP

Yes, it is yet another one of my projects that I am having high hopes of finishing. But it’s looking pretty good so far if I say so myself. Above is the menu for the game. Functionality is limited so far, as I am still learning how to make menu’s in the GE. The first level has a fairly decent start, the basic layout is finished and needs a lot of nice texturing. I still have yet to get the camera and UI layout started, and have a lot to learn about the GE as well to setup the physics and logic bricks. My python knowledge is very limited too. But, I’ll keep you posted on how things progress. Don’t expect this project to move at a fast pace, because I may not have much time in the next several weeks to do much. I’m going back to school for the military, qualifying for my Information Systems Specialist. I’m working on this project in my spare time. In the end, binary packages will be released for each operating system, and I plan to release the source files for the whole project, with detailed documentation through the development process. Hopefully, beginners can learn from a beginners (my) point of view and experiences.

Here’s some screenshots of the game in development:

Wow! That’s an awesome looking menu, and I like your game idea. Make sure you put in plenty of crazy obstacles, and maybe even squirrels that steal your ball. Okay, maybe no squirrels…

Here’s a tip you may find useful: If you want to control how quickly the ball comes to a stop, change the RotDamp setting in the Logic buttons. I think you might be able to change this dynamically with Python, so the ball can have different RotDamp settings depending on the surface it’s touching.

im going to make a tutorial on menus after my high scores tut

That would be awesome. Right now I’m working from Cognitive’s menu .blend and learning the basics, and I got the main screen setup. But, I still need to break the .blend down further to learn how everything works, and how to make sub menu’s, etc. I’m also working on animating the menu system too. Here’s a screenshot of the menu in Blender:

I am using transparent data through PNG’s and using the Blender World setting to set the BG. This will hopefully allow me to fade parts of the menu in and out for a more professional touch.

I should probably do the menus tutorial before the high scores because it wont take very long to do. It will include fading as well.

please do it STELLA, it would be useful to many of us :slight_smile:

After a while with everyone from #gameblender putting up with me (especially Siegel’s great generosity in teaching me menu’s), and Stella’s awesome menu tutorial, the basic menu system is about complete. Of course I don’t have much to put in it at the moment for options, but they’ll be added in due time. You can check out the video of it in action here:

For some reason, Snapz Pro X 2 isn’t getting the full animation on the menu system, but they all fade and shift to the side when changing.

Hey, great looking menu so far!(cool render):wink:

pretty good start on the level model too…out of curiosity, how do you plan on doing the background(outside of the course)?

Good luck with this, and if your looking for textures or anything, shoot me a PM.:slight_smile:

Here’s one of the latest screenshots. I haven’t had much time to work on it today, but it’s coming along nicely. Comments and suggestions are encouraged :D. What would an end user expect from a game like this? Also, how would I maximize the graphics appearance? I realize that it’s mainly going to be how well the texturing is done, but suggestions to get better results are always welcome.

Hey cool, I attempted a golf game a while back, too lazy to finish it though.

Graphics wize with a mni golf game you’ve got a few polys to play with, especially if you go for the no background root. You can put bevels on things and some nice fake shadows. Go for sharp textures as well, with good contrast. This is what i had for mine…

Good luck and I hope you get further than me.