MiniDV import?

I would like to hook up a Canon HV30 via Firewire to a Windows Vista PC and import movie clips from a MiniDV tape into Blender’s Sequence Editor. Is that possible?

If not, what options do I have?

Well, quite easy…
plug your camera in the computer, open a “capture” soft ( Kino? under Linux), save the desired video in DV format ( apparently Blender handles DV, I never tried it) or other ( RAW/AVI for editing?)
Then in the Video Sequencer import the video(s)!

Vista comes with the Microsoft Movie Maker. Just plug the camera in, turn it on and follow the wizard. This program will produce an AVI or WMV file, depending upon the settings you choose. Choose Video For Local Playback with the highest KBPS rating offered to you in the drop down list.