Minifig on the run

I am making a shortfilm, which is called Minifig on the run. It is taking me longer than I expected but I think I’m getting results, improving my blender skills and learning the filmmaking process.

This is the plane that I’ve been working on lately. It’s the most difficult one. I tried several ways to animate with credibility the rope, but I haven’t achieved enough realism. I tried with a hair strand, physics,… but nowadays its only a “mesh” with an armature and a lattice.
Any suggestions?

The armature makes it look too stiff. Add more bones or maybe try the physics route again with constraints? (I’m not sure if I really know what I’m talking about. I’m predominantly a hobbyist sculptor so I’ve never done much animation).

A quick search lead me to this:

and more:

Love the interior design btw, very well done.

It needs more bones in the string. Watch some videos of rock climbers to see how a rope should move with some weight on it.

The vertical rope, while ascending, it’s the most difficult part of the animation and has the worst result. I’ll try again, with a more complex animation scheme.

I could totally understand that. Somehow, imagining a rope hanging is much easier in my head than trying to imagine a rope being thrown up… I guess we see too many ropes dangling lol…

I’ve improved the rope, removing most of the lattice deformations, and using more extensively the armature deformation.
I’ve slowed down some of the climbing movements in order to improve overall result.

At the top of the bag, the minifig winks. From this distance it’s impossible to see anything, so I’m thinking in creating a little close-up just at the top, so see a slowed down wink :wink:

I’ve improved a little the cinematic scene, adding a new plane, to see the minifig wiking.
As this scene forms part of a complete shotfilm, I’ve been trying with some music. In this case, a rag time.
Hope it gets better