Minigun animation

here is the start of my minigun model

i’m gonna have fun making this

any comments on the mesh?

why ao ? because it looks cooler

Looks pretty good. Maybe add some rifling grooves in the barrels.

i don’t think firing grooves would be usefull in this anim and it would take a little effort to put it inside the barrels

ah hell i’ll put em in…although i won’t do it for eacht barrel seperatly

it might give the barrels an incredibly high poly count but hell

EDIT : i think a nor map would do a better job and speed things up

ya…that might be good :] and it would prolly look just as spiffy.

just a thought…maybe add some bolts ?

hnnn? why bolts? this usually is welded together methinks
i might add bolts at the other end…or make it more futuristic…i dunno i’ll see how it’ll work out

alright finally…and i’ve decided it ain’t gonna be an ordinary minigun
it’s gonna be kinda futuristic as in : rail firing system, fusion powered and it’s gonna be mounted on a mech

and i changed the barrels to curves not mesh as i have done with some other round parts…it makes it a lot easier

i’m now beginning work on the rear, electronics and power source and the hull

after that i will begin work on a mech…i guess resembling a mad dog in some parts

i’m also aiming to not just make a outside but also make the thing possible and engineered(kinda) not just an empty hull

seeing i don’t have any building plans i’m gonna try and make my own solutions
the wire

Looks good. It reminds me of the inside of a heat exchanger, or chiller.