minimal landscape

This is probably my favorite project (so far). I made it about 2 Month ago and one of the most fascinating aspects of this image is: it contains a lot of contrasts (sorry if this word is confusing, i am no native-speaker. An example is a color contrast with red and green … is it called contrast?), but this image still looks calm …
Ps.: sorry because of the .jpg-quality, but blenderartists says, that this image was too big.
the original:

To answer your question, it is called contrast. Great job! I really like it. :slight_smile:

Really nice work, I like the lava you have underneath, yes contrast is the right word.

Somehow it is attractive, I like it:eyebrowlift:

cool render but it’s a bit dark on my screen.

yea … that’s actually true. ant thinking of it … i make a lot of dark renders. That’s odd. I mean look at this ecample:

(Made with the blender compositor…)
And i don’t even have a dark personality. Mabye it’s because im the dark knight. I’m BATMAN!

Yes it needs more highlights, but very good work, soothing

Maybe your monitor is not calibrated right, batman :wink:

very nice, i hope ill be able to create something like that in the future