Minimal Viable Products

This is something new I’m trying, which is making a game in a single sitting. These will be “minimal viable products”, (IE prototypes).

Game 1:

Its a twin shooter! Use WASD to move, your character shoots automatically. Picking up pickups grants more powerful attacks. Destroying enemies gives points, the game ends when time is up. Defeating all the enemies will spawn new ones and add time. Getting hit by an enemy slows you down for a period. And lastly there are walls you must shoot around!

Also, using the mouse you can re-adjust the camera! its a useless feature, but its a feature nonetheless.

All games will have descriptions in replies and .blends here:

Game #1: Twin Shooter
MVP_TwinShooter.blend (715 KB)

Game #2: Real Time Strategy
MVP_RealTimeStrategy.blend (503 KB)

Game #3: Third Person Shooter

Game#4: First Person

Game #5: Platform Shooter

Game #6: Train Car Shooter
MVP_TrainCar.blend (539 KB)

Game #7: Stealth

Game #8: Miner

Game #9: HotKey Arcade

Game #10: Turn Based Fighter

nice. i tried it

Hey Throne

I opened the file in Blender 2.74 and played it. I think its very good for a prototype. And especially i like the isometric view. The game play reminds me to Alien shooter ^^ Good!

NOTE: I’v decided to change this thread into a ‘series’. I’ll be adding new games every once in awhile.
Also, thanks for playing guys!.

This is the second MVP (Minimal Viable Product). It is a Real Time Strategy. You choose between building harvesters or building bases. Harvesters gather resources, Bases defend you against waves on incoming enemies.

Here is the .blend:

MVP_RealTimeStrategy.blend (503 KB)

I like both of them, the RTS version more once I realized that each base had it’s own resource pool…

Throne, can you please post a screenshot or video for each game?

Sure i’ll start posting a picture with the downloads.

Here is Game #3:

Its a third person shooter, you win by destroying all of your enemies buildings. Use WSADQE to move, K to shoot, Z to enter high speed mode, and Space to toggle map view. Your buildings and units are weaker than your enemies, but your allies have you!

MVP_ThirdPersonShooter.blend (1.59 MB)


MVP_ThirdPersonShooter.blend (1.59 MB)

Someone watched Extra Credits. :3

This is Game #4 its a simple stealthy First Person shooter. Avoid the enemies, and make your way to the door to score a point.

MVP_FirstPerson.blend (529 KB)

Nice Work! It makes fun to play a little bit with your game.blends
My favorite is the RealtimeStrategy game :smiley:

#1 I can’t handle WASD etc. controls which are relative to the player rather than being relative to the screen/camera :slight_smile:

#2 I really like the RTS prototype.

#3 Too fast to die, too slow to get back into action… The green lines are irritating. At least it’s a good demonstration why we play Heroes and not footmen in DOTA etc. :slight_smile:

#4 Can’t really play with no mouse look, sidestep or backwards step in an FPS. Although the screen click relative shooting is interesting.

Thanks for the input qubodup! I’ll try to use your advice in my next games.

This is game #5: its a Platform shooter.

There are 2 boxes, if they get to far away from each other the game ends. Use arrows to move, space to shoot, and return to swap locations.

MVP_Platformer.blend (500 KB)

#5 Interesting but easy to get into a “I lost and it’s the game’s fault” state. :slight_smile:

Tried out all of them and as all the others my favourite is the RTS too. The second best was the ThirdPersonShooter, though as mentioned before it was very difficult, the ai was very hard. What was amazing was the feeling I got out of this game though. Even if I was just a cube and everything was a cube and there was no sound at all, it really felt like being on a battlefield and running into your death along with your people. It would be cool to see you evolve the RTS idea as well as maybe the TPS one :smiley:

Game #6: Train Car Shooter

Originally I tried a racing game, and it turned into this. You get 4 laps, shoot with space use left and right to turn, and use up and down to change speed.

MVP_TrainCar.blend (539 KB)

Game #7: Stealth

This is a stealth game, that didn’t quite work out. It seems this genre is is either beyond me or just challenging. Anyways, you use left and right to move, and space to hide. Gather the purple gems to score points, avoid the red boxes.

MVP_Stealth.blend (464 KB)

Game #8 Miner

Its like mine craft, go around blow up rocks with bombs and find the 4 purple gems to complete the mission.

MVP_Miner.blend (616 KB)

#6 TrainCar
Not really familiar with that mechanic.

#7 Stealth
Soo slooow but fun! :slight_smile:

#8 Miner: Interesting but laggy.
I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do anything though. Bombs don’t work or I have to collect them first but they’re inside rock which I can’t blow away without bombs. Then I cheated me some bombs and realized it seems I’m getting more when I touch the “base”. But it also seems I can get into a point of no chance to win.

Use arrow keys to move, and hold keys 1 and 2 to shoot. You are given random weapons, and get 45 seconds to rack up as many kills as you can.

MVP_HotKeyArcade.blend (641 KB)

On HotKeyArcade:
Only getting 4 FPS, on my PC (Nvidia GTX 970), with all the bad performance coming from the logic.

On mining:
took me some time to find out how to get other rocks than these yellow ones out of everything, but played it through.

I enjoyed the mining game. It’s amazing how engaging cubes can be when they have a clear goal.
The lack of mouse controls on some of the first and third person games made it difficult to play.
Pretty good concepts. I haven’t seen anyone post a set of games like this before, so your either being creative or ripping off someone I’ve never heard of.