Minimalist beige interior loft

Interior project
Blender + Cycles
Available on BlenderMarket


What do you think?


I really like the clean minimalistic approach! Well done, also the render is great!

I’m sure it’s not for lack of space that the bathtub is next to the bed.
Don’t rich people have any notion of modesty? :flushed:

In any case, the renderings are great.

None whatsoever

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I do not know about rich people, but I do agree that the bathtub not only next to bed but also next to the window is for very extroverted people :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart! I am looking forward to see more of works you picked!

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That is so funny! :joy:

I’m almost speechless. It is so peaceful and exudes comfort.

Thank you very much!

Personally – and I feel this way in real places as well – I want to say: paint the walls!” Even if the colors are very unsaturated, nothing in real life is actually “pure.” Look at the color wheel and select complementary colors, and paint your set. The resulting effect might still “feel white,” except that now it isn’t.

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I do agree, nothing is pure white and pure black. You have to set the materials correctly. Thank you

Nice renderings, but in my eyes a bit too pale. A bit more warmth is welcome.

Since you are preparing this object for Octane, can you tell a bit about the difference Octane makes/handles compared to Cycles ?

In my workflow (about 3y ago) Octane started to help reduce time (the viewport was loading faster, and the final render was faster) and compared to cycles I think I am achieving more realistic results. These are 2 main advantages. I am sure that at the moment there are many tools to decrease those times also for cycles, but as I am not using cycles now I can not give you a professional answer as I do not have time to test it.

This is a pretty small thing but in some of the renders the hdri is visible in reflections or through windows, and where it is the resolution looks very low, so maybe using a higher res hdri could be helpful there, but it is a small thing since this is an interior render.

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Beautiful scene

thank you very much!

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Thank you Andrew - may I ask where did you spot this issue? Thank you for your time!

Excuse me. Which color management mode do you usually use.

And a little detail about why I was asking, because this scene has the buildings outside modeled