Minimalist Interior!!!

this is the first interior that i can be proud of, 30 mins of modeling 60 mins of materials and such, 21 hours of rendering :stuck_out_tongue: i used luxrender, i highly recommend it. the second two were edited just for some fun, please tell me what you think.

It’s kinda cool but to me it looks like you used denoise. Makes it look a bit “washed-out” (if that’s the right word) :frowning:

yeah there was still quite a bit of noise after 21 hours of rendering…

Lighting is good on the second image!

Good texture on the wall…is that a normal map on there too?

I have no experience with external renderers, and was just wondering, why would it take 21 hours to render?

Because it’s an unbiased renderer :cool:

Wow! Never heard that term before…but there’s a pretty sweet wikipedia page on it. Thanks for the heads up BKing.

its actually just a default luxrender bump map but because of the lighting there arent really any flat spots, it was probably at a acceptable quality after like 5 hours but after sleep and school the quality increased so thats why i let it render that long

Oh so it renders, than renders over again with better quality and so on and so on…?

yeah it basically just makes the picture better and better over time

Cool. Does Yafray do this as well?

nope, yafray is a biased render, the unbiased render engines i know of are luxrender and indigo

Thanks a lot for the insight Brados33!

no problem good luck blendering