Minimalist jungle inspired bathroom

Personal project, rendered with E-cycles. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Awesome render, your lighting is on point! It looks almost photo real, though some areas are a little flat I think as a whole it’s great.

On a side note, what do you think about e-cycles? Is the improved render speeds worth it? Is there any issues with using it? Just curious how you like it.


Hi, thank you for your comment. Regarding e-cycles, I really like it, though I don’t have the RTX version of it, it still renders pretty fast if you have solid hardware. For me, because I often have large envirinment scenes, it works very well with cpu+gpu rendering. Depending on the render quality you want to achieve, you can choose a preset that will determine render time (lower quality renders really fast). I also like the denoiser that comes with it and new option to manage light groups (changing light contribution in compositor) :slight_smile:

Congratulations nice design and nice renders.
It seems the granite (?) pavers on the gravel are overtextured or texture is out of scale, so at first glance the impression is that they are patches of black gravel, unrealistically. Also the gravel is a little too perfect and too flat.

the improvement in speed is at least double often much more. With the quick settings and a good denoiser you can get even more benefit by “cheating”, less samples for same end result. No side effects to Blender code, I’ve been using it almost two years now. Updates come within a few days of official releases of Blender updates and prerelease work during development of releases. Was very much worth it for me.

Thank you for your critique :slight_smile:

cool i wish i can buy one

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Beautiful :grinning:


Nice work.
In the second image, through the window, you can see the rug (or mat) that’s under the tub, but it looks like the reflection of the out side pavers are “shaping” that rub/mat like the pavers, very cool :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Thank you Bart, you too!

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