Minimalist Room - Updated 16/12 - Texturing Help Needed pg2

A little exercise for learning purposes. I am originally a 3dsmax user, but i like blender, so am incorperating it in my design process - this is an exercise to understand the key texturing and modelling methods in blender. The image below is simple - not much detailed modelling as yet, but it is a WIP, so as i get more time, i will add to it.

Rendered completely in blender’s internal renderer, with raytracing.

Comments and help greatly appreciated.

Hey, I like it! Very believable. It would be cool to see a carpet on the floor, or just more detailing of the room in general. Great work.

the detail will definately follow in the next few days… I needed some help with a leather texture… i have never been able to a believable one in blender… any tips on how to do this (i need this for the cushion of the square stool).

It would be cool to see a carpet on the floor

When you say carpet, do you mean a little rug, or a carpet for the entire room?

Hmmm…and I was thinking the cushion you have on the stool was one of the more believable parts of the image :wink:

And yeah, I was just thinking a floor mat or something like that. The wood floor is quite nice.

Look here for some leather objects, I think the key is some sort of specular map.


Im finding texturing to be the toughest part of blender. Perhaps, it just needs more getting used to… :slight_smile:

I really need crits on the leather and also the matt. Be as harsh as you like :wink: !

Also, any texturing tips would be very useful.


I’ll try and help.
The image is too small to really see any detail.
Show us a close up of the square stool.
I’d also like to see this scene with
Ambient Occlusion.

here are some larger renders - i apologise for the texture streching on the mat - i i have no idea how to work around this in blender… help on that would be appreciated too:

With ambient occlusion:

By the way, is Ambient Occlusion a GI method?

Well, I like it.
I think that the wave on the carpet it’s strange, but it’s a nice work!
Well, I think only that you have to put some other objects on the scene, nothing else :slight_smile:
bye bye

IIRC Ambient Occlusion is another way of faking Global Illumination. True Global Illumination for Blender is being worked on right now though; look here.

The leather looks great but unfortunately the lighting doesn’t do it justice :slight_smile:


what’s strange is that the carpet texture isn’t distorted. You should UVmap your carpet, it isn’t complicated…
The leather seems to have too big cracklles on it. It should appear smoother.
The wood textures are good and the lightning looks good but it could be more complex with some lamps on the wall or something like that…

thanks for the comments.

I will try the UV mapping technique, once i figure out how to use it in blender - cant imagine it being too complex…

Bijin: I totally agree about the leather… the lighting will certainly be improved…

-efbie-: Im trying to make a really soft, bouncy leather… Often I have seen it really “crackled”, so i tried to texture this in a similar way… If you feel the render doesnt quite get that accross, tell me and I will try and make that more apparent :slight_smile:


design on the furniture I really like. the whole setup, composition, I like also. in the lighting… well, it’s a bit boring, but nothing wrong with it basicly.

things I dont like like is the vase in the middle, it seems to have extra outside layer floating around it. maybe it’s magical vase, I don’t know.

also, the carpet… hmm, texture sucks, and size and shape is off.

keep on going. it’s very promising.


thanks for comments basse. My design is actually inspired by your library project… wich by the way looks amazing!

I started with doing a scene in 3DSMAX to simulate a similar light set up to your library project - it seemed simple and nice… then i decided, that let me try to do the same in blender, as this would give me the opportunity to improve my skills with blender… eventually, it became into a texture exercise, with a modern feel to it, where a lot of the inspiration is drawn from your work!

Thanks for the comment - btw, the texture is just a place holder, until i make another more suitable one. :slight_smile:


I’m not the best at explaining stuff so bare with me.

Look at the first image.
Notice how the lighting looks dull.
Like the contrast and brightness is low.
Then look at how the other has better energy.

I like both but I think the second is better because there is
better light levels in the room.
Understand what I’m saying?

It’s up to you what you do about the lighting because it’s your image
and I’m not saying what I think looks good is what you should use.

I still can’t really see the leather.
How about you just render a close up of that little stool.

If your final render size is going to be 800x600
then it is a good idea that you make all your textures
2 times the size of the final image size.You’ll want to use
512x512 , 1024x1024, 1536x1536 and 2048x2048.

Use a real wood texture not a built in Procedural Texture.
Make the floor texture 2048x2048.

Now as for the furniture you might be able to get by
using a 1024x1024 wood texture
but I recommend using 1536x1536 texture just to be safe.

A 512x512 leather texture should work for the stool.
But again you may want to use a 1024x1024 just to be safe.

Well that’s it for now.
I stop back later.

Here’s my grocery list for your render:

Add objects closer to the camera for sense of depth
Move the corner of the room off the centerline for calming effect :slight_smile:

here’s a nice one

Well, after 1/2 an hour of attempting to get a better texture for the leather, i came up with this…

-efbie-: ive smoothed out the leather, and i think you were right - the smoother version looks more realistic. :slight_smile:

Keep me posted if any more improvements on the leather are needed :wink:

It looks like every thing has the same amount of clear
gloss coating and to me that makes it look fake.

I suggest you take some of that reflection off the leather
but keep the spec the way it is.

Just my opinion but the color of the leather is strange.
I suggest you get away from the blood red color.

I still think you need a better wood texture for the floor.

Are you using real wood textures or just Blender’s
built in procedural textures?