Minimalist Style

Hey everyone! A friend and I are working on a game project for the Ouya, which is pretty low in terms of raw graphical computing power. I decided to use a minimalistic style because of this, as there are no textures (except for a simple normal map) and obviously the poly count is really low. It also looks good without anti aliasing, but who knows how that will look once everything is in motion…

 Anyways, I finalized the art style and am making concepts for the environments for our game, which is aimed to be 1 - 2 hours long. Enjoy!

Moon Mountains: 14350 Tris

Taken: 26034 Tris

Forest Creek: 14695 Tris

Decimate modifier is my friend.

Here is the character used in the scenes above. He was made without a mirror modafier, and every polygon was painstakingly and lovingly placed by hand. Because of this his poly count is very asymmetrical, for example his right hand having one or two more polygons than his left, and so on.

Minimalistic Bust

Blindman Character: 690 tris, all placed by hand.

Gun model: 470 tris (Yikes! That’s a lot higher than I remember!)

Also, vine creatures!

Vine Creature: 256 tris

They have a means of stabbing you, so watch out!

One last environment made, as there are four main areas for the project.

Glowshroom Caves: 24163 Tris

Wow, this is pretty well done, personally I don’t care for the minimalistic style, however you pulled it off really well. This would be a cool game!

The pixelated style kind of reminds me of Flashback. The only thing that bothers me is that the moon is glowing like the sun in the first picture, which looks a bit weird.
Great work X3SB, looking forward to see some animations :slight_smile:

That’s not particularly weird. Having been walking in the mountains in the middle of the night under a full moon (I was just hiking, I swear!) I can attest to the fact that the moon does indeed appear to glow and definitely provides a lot of light. That said, I recall the hue being somewhat biased towards the blue side of the spectrum, and things appeared much less saturated than in full day light.

Flashback and Another world are the first things I thought of too. I like the style and the result. Good luck!

It would be nice if there were some real games like this. Amazing job.

I especially like the mountains and the moon in the first image… all the other images are nice as well… love the nature…

Oh you werewolves and your hiking under a full moon :). Yeah, i think the hue should be blue-green (ish).

beautiful and moody

character reminds of Solid Snake on MGS1 on PS1 :smiley:

although it’s from a game, how about some antialiased high resolution renders for wallpapers, dude? I’d pick the first moonlit scene and the glowing mushroom cave

and BTW, this is what a retro 3D game should look like, not that minecraft dumbness

Wow, the scenes, actually, look really good!

Yeah, Flashback, Another World… also reminded me of Little Big Adventure (a classic, not to be confused with Little Big Planet) :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the replies everyone!

And in defense of the yellow moon. I changed the color to have a little contrast with the glowing mushrooms, and seeing as it is an alien planet, I felt like changing the moon color wasn’t too much of a problem ;D

And to the person who asked for an un-ailiased version…

Here ya go! :smiley:


that’s truly wonderful and a retrogamer’s dream :yes: