Minimalistic small apartment with yellow accent

Hi guys!

This is our newest scene. This minimalistic apartment was created in collaboration with Martin Kováčik using Blender - Cycles and there is also an Octane version available on BlenderMarket

Let me know what do you think
Happy New year!


Looks really realistic. Well done! Did you use premade assets or did you create everything from scratch?

This scene was created using 3dshakermodels almost all of them you can find at, but few pieces were created by Martin from scratch. If you are interested there are also free designer models on site. Hope you will enjoy it :wink:

Cool thanks :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much :tada: Happy new year to BlenderArtist team :tada:

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This one is made with Blender + Octane

This one is made with Blender + Cycles

pictures are without post process and have different lighting, but I like them both


This is a beautiful interior. I’d really like to learn more about the scene setup. If you wouldn’t mind. Happy new year!

Hi Akinola I did send you message :wink: scene with all models and lighting setups is available here:
I hope it helps. Have a nice day

@3Dshaker aka @janmorek great work☺
Would be good if you test inside LuxCoreRender too😎

This time it was not Jan, but our friend Martin Kovacik - here is his portfolio:

3dshaker is slowly growing and we cooperate with more people now (wife of Jan Morek writing :slight_smile: )

But thank you for the suggestion about LuxCore

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:slight_smile:very very nice portfolio. Best wishes. How many people in your team for now?

There are 4 of us at the moment but as we have also a studio ( we cooperate with maybe 5 other artists I think.

I like how you and your studio organizing projects as well as possible. Can we know their names one by one if it is not secret?:blush:

Jan, Jana, Martin, Marek :wink: and Buddy

(sorry not yet optimized for mobile version :wink:)

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I’ve downloaded this 3d model from your site ( and happy for it! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, this year we want to create more free models for Blender community. We will be sending them also via newsletter, hope you will like them :slight_smile:

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Yes, it would be good idea I think :slight_smile:

3d artists like us need this kind of FREE stuffs for faster orginizing projects with clients :wink:

Just quick render inside another render engine that scene:

EDIT: After some changes: