Minimalistic Trainspotting Wallpaper There’s a description under the image. C&C Appreciated.

Btw, if you’re wondering, set smooth is turned on (on the main body of the syringe), it’s just I don’t think it works with env maps. I don’t mind too much though, it adds shape.

Envmaps do definitely take normal interpolation (Set Smooth) into account… There must be something else wrong.

Any ideas?

It kinda looks like an Edge setting

I’d have a comment on the needle. I’m not an expert on needles, but those I have seen had other shape of the sharp end. It usually looks like a pipe cut at an angle (so the opening makes a long ellipsis).

i think you should drop the env map and raytrace it!


do you mean?

Any ideas?[/quote]

Maybe you can use Unified Render… Or you can scale a bit down the “red liquid” mesh.

Maybe the blood in the syringe is to big and intersects with the outer mesh. Something like that…?

And definitely change the needle. The needle you modelled would hurt a lot!!! :o I know what I whould choose in that case… :slight_smile:

do you mean?

yes thats it


set smooth on the blood?

One of the many type’s the local drugdealer sells, but i’ve never seen one like your model!