could any one help me to create a minimap or give a tutorial used by python scripts (or even a blend file)… suported by blender 2.65. :spin:

just like this

cuz im working on my game for my project. I own you my gratitude :wink:

Look at either doing an overlay scene, or videotexture. can help.
Yes, I know that link goes to how to make a mirror, but if the camera is directly above the player, and the plane just in-front of him, then you have a map!

Just a note. You don’t have to start every thread with ‘help.’ That’s what most people want when they post on BA!

~really? ah I get it, sorry Im a newbie here.

This video shows you the videotexture method, which I found to be resource intensive (looks great though) I am currently struggling through creating a UV mover method to do the same thing (almost) with less resources, but a lot more work.

@deranjer: that’s a great help… thank you very much…