Minimap questions

I’m trying to create a mini map to go in the bottom right portion of the screen during game play. It needs to be a overhead ortho view. Also I want the mini map completely dark except for a small diameter around the character at all times. Does anybody have suggestions on how I may achieve this? BTW I’m using 2.57.

here is a simple tutorial for a mini map

I see that the tutorial is for 2.49. Will there be any differences to making a map for 2.57? Also I have found some good basic tutorials for making a map for 2.57 but I was wondering if anybody had some ideas on how to make it ortho view but keep game play perspective. Also I had mentioned having the minimap completely dark except for a small diameter of light around the characters movement. If anybody has any useful tips I would appreciate the help!

Oh well I am pretty sure that it will still work for blender 2.5 but making the dark area is really simple.

I forgot to mention in picture but you would then just parent the mesh to the camera and use that camera as your mini map

That is the worst possible way to make a minimap.

Python scripting will help you out a lot more in creating a minimap. I suggest using the Rasterizer module to display a small screen of the world you are in, in the position you want it in.

Remember with the way the video showed you means for every level you make, you need to duplicate the level/scene to make the minimap. If you change something in the original level, you must change it in the minimap scene also, you know how tedious and frustrating that is?

Look through the resource section of the forum, I think there’s something in there… If there isn’t try learning python and the Rasterizer module.

Also tomorrow, I think I have a really small example of what I mean… I’ll see if I can find it and post it.

I really appreciate the ideas and help Zbryanz! I did however hope that there was a more functional way of making a minimap, so thanks also Linkxgl for the input! I’ll do some research on the Raterizer module tomorrow! Thanks and I’ll post when I come up with a really good design, and i’d def appreciate it if you were able to find that example.

yea sorry I am kind of new to blender and still learning a lot about it. I just remembered seeing that tutorial once.