I started a flight simulator/combat game but I had a question :
How do you do a minimap/radar ?

I found a lot of tutorials for making a minimap but it was always with a small “map” (just a plane), and the problem is, my map is much bigger than that

I also wonder how to make a small arrow that represents the player and that moves with it

The radar thing I was talking about is this : I want ennemies that are near the player to be near the arrow on the map ; ennemies that are situated further than the minimap borders are represented on the border of the minimap

I was also wondering how could I increase the skybox’s scale without having it to disappear, because when it’s too big, it disappears when you’re too far (I’ve already changed the clipping end to max)

Hope someone can help



P.-S: For info, I’m using blender 2.49b, and sorry for my crappy english, I’m swiss and I’m only 14

Firstly, your english is almost perfect, so no issues there :slight_smile:
Next, You’ll need python, and an overlay scene. You could use a videotexture map, but i dont think that they’re very nice looking.
I’ll make a tutorial perhaps…

Thanks :slight_smile:
Well, actually, using Python doesn’t afraid me, I’m maybe gonna learn it soon, so it’s OK at this point
If you could make a tutorial, that would be very nice