Minimize Blender on RH8.0?

This is prolly an easy question to answer since i’m new to linux, but, I’m unable to minimize the program unless I ALT+Rt Click. Is this a bug in the program or my window manager or what?

I’m running RH8.0 (nothing fancy, all defaults) with Gnome. Blender 2.33a

you have to start Blender with the window option. go to where you custimize your start menu find the blender icon and add -w after the command to launch the program. after doing this you will have the standard maximize/minmize buttons available to you.


same idea, cept he is running red hat 8

you’d go into the menu config [blender has menu options? you’d change it in the menu changer for your window manager] or modify the shortcut [.desktop file on the desktop I’d assume, again modified in ways particular to your window manager]

Thanks, i’ll give those tips a try. Some of that stuff is new to me, so i’ll spend a little time educating myself while i’m experimenting with those files.

Thanks torQ. I got that to work.

z3r0 d: I’d like to try your method, could you elaborate a bit for a greenhorn like me?


A good way to work under Linux ( at least to me) is opening different softs in different desktops, and use the shortcuts to switch between them
With Gnome is probably Alt-F1-F2-F3-F4… or Ctrl-Alt-1-2-3-4 or something like that
Give it a try

in KDE

right click on the desktop, choose to add a shortcut to an application
make it to the blender executable
add a -w followed by a space at the end
[set the working directory if an option to the directory of the blender executable maybe]

this behavor is almost exactly the same as windows, if that shortcut already existed you’d right click on it and select properties and again add -w to the end [with a space between]

in KDE however the menus are not a directory, like in windows. so you need to start the menu editor if you have blender in the menu, which isn’t done in the .tar.gz packages blender is usually distributed in. iirc the menu editor is under the system submenu

Ok, that makes sense, I haven’t used KDE before. Ii’ll have to install it and give it a try.