Minimize your gimp load times.


I just did this again to my windows system at home, at work on a Linux system, I have had it for quite some time and it is nice :)…

navigate to the
folder and delete all the brushes you never use.

next goto the
delete all the patterns that you never use.

better yet, move the files to a backup folder in case you want to use them later.

you can do the same thing with the Scripts and filters too.

At work I have it down to the basics for model texturing… Blur, Sharpen, de-speckle and a few other basics.
Gimp loads in a fraction of a second.

the fewer things it has to load at the start the better for small load times :slight_smile:

I still remember the old days when GIMP takes a full minute to load all the script-fu’s.
Just a quick note, you can also do the same thing in Photoshop to speed up the launch. Simply rename the folders will do.

my fonts on Vista take FOREVER…could I copy a few over to somewhere and point gimp to that folder? I’m thinking it is sifting thru windows/fonts or something like that…?


OK, I’ve got half of a solution:
Open File/Preferences, in the popup window you’ll find folders/fonts with at least one default path. This is good for pointing gimp towards additional fonts, but you’d need to stop it digging through windows/fonts as well - second half pending…:smiley:


Yes, of course. Sorry for bad info. But I did run into this:

gimp --no-fonts

awesome! thanks Skottish!