Minimizing warping in when using UV mapping (LCSM)

I’m working on a model of a human head and I am creating an image map based on an LCSM unwap. I then used the UV Faces layout export to get a wireframe example of the unwrapped image. Finally, I edit an image placing eyebrows on the image map based on the positions of the red lines created in the export image.

When I map the newly edited image back into Blender, there is warping on areas like the eyebrows. Specifically, the arc defining the eyebrows turns out to be wavy when I view in the fully textured mesh of the head. I can reduce the “wavyness” by moving the points of the different mesh parts in the UV editor (I made seams around the eyes and mouth, thinking that this would help reduce the distortion, but it doesn’t seem to help.)

How can I reduce the amount of distortion on a UV mapped image? Do I need to subdivide my mesh? (This may be hard to answer, since I can’t post a screenshot until later.)


Subdividing your mesh will help for sure, but you may still need to tweak some verts in the UV editor to get it 100%.

With every UV layout you need to tweak the vert layout, even with LSCM, to try and avoid stretching in places.


Thanks BgDM.

I also realized that I am doing something else that makes the image warp - using a way too small LCSM UV mapping. I just selected faces in the UV editor that will have detail and scaled them up. Now I am getting better results, plus its easier to adjust the points due to the point snapping on the grid.

Thanks again!